#94 Shark - 100 Drabbles of Summer

“Daw, dump, daw, dump, da, da, da, da, da!” He peered into swirling maelstrom of asteroids that I was using as cover on our way to the Commerce planet.

”Crichton why do you keep making that noise? It is annoying the frell out of me, and if you don’t stop, I may jettison you.”

“Aeryn, you’re flying through here like a shark through a school of minnows. Daw, dump, daw, dump, da, da, da, da, da!”

“I don’t know what a shark or a minnow are, Crichton. Are they dangerous?”

“Not as dangerous as you are.”

“Good then shut up.”

100 Drabbles of Summer Master List

Pimping the Comm - scifi_muses

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1 - a_muse_meme - started about 6 weeks ago, but very active.
2 - SCIFI Fantasy only - TV, movies, books, horror, comics, original muses and anime characters allowed.
3 - Three people may claim the same Muse - no being denied because someone else has already claimed who you want to write for.
4 - weekly prompts - words, themes, music and picture prompts - to see a sample - scifi_prompt
5 - Taken Muses - all muses available at this time

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Lesser Lifeforms - scifi_muses

Character: Aeryn Sun
Fandom: Farscape
Rating: G
Word Count: 320
Prompt: "This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship" a_muse_meme
Setting: Season 1 - Exodus from Genesis

Lesser Lifeforms

The underside of her hair was still damp as Aeryn made her way slowly to Moya’s viewing deck. She didn’t know if the wetness was from the sweat of the heat delirium or the cold shower that Zhaan had held her in while trying to cool her. Pausing, Aeryn leaned against one of Moya’s golden curved passageways while she caught her breath. Alone, she didn’t have to pretend that all was right with her world mentally or physically.

She shuddered as the bitter taste of almost succumbing to the Living Death spread across her tongue. With a hand that thankfully no longer shook, she made sure that no tears were falling over her face. Someone might come along and see her in a moment of weakness. They’d seen enough of that since the Drak had come on board.

Stars kept back by a thin force field were spread across the horizon as Aeryn stepped onto the patio deck. The bright sun that brought the Drak life and had nearly killed her, safely kept at bay. She wrapped her arms around herself and took several deep breaths trying to calm the churning thoughts in her head.

Chunks of her memory were gone, lost in the scalding heat of her synapses. But it wasn’t the lost memories that were troubling her. It was the feelings that were growing stronger every arn she spent among these people. No not people, creatures, she reminded herself.

Crichton and D’argo had both given their word that they would kill her if the Living Death couldn’t be stopped. She knew that Crichton would never be able to do it. He was too weakened by the compassion his human heart carried but Ka D’argo. She had no doubt that he would have ended her life, and it would not have been because he hated Peacekeepers. It would be because he was her friend.

“Oh how did that happen?”

Lost in Space for scifi_muses

Character: Aeryn Sun
Fandom: Farscape
Rating: G
Word Count: 447
Prompt: You're in a room with plastic glowing stars on the ceiling a_muse_meme
Setting: Season 4 Farscape, when the crew of Moya are on Earth.

Lost in Space


She heard John’s voice as he called her from the depths of the house. She thought about answering him, but it was just so peaceful lying on the floor in the little room that had belonged to his sister Olivia.

Aeryn tilted her head to the side, trying to find her location on the glowing array of stars on the ceiling. She knew that Moya had come a very long way to get to Earth, so she wasn’t surprised that the constellations made no sense to her. With the three dimensional aspect of space there really was no way that they could. But that didn’t keep the prowler pilot from trying to find just one link back home.

She knew that Crichton was trilled to be back on Earth, visiting with his family and friends. Even she’d had fun getting into trouble with the others as they’d tried to stay under cover and away from the authorities. Aeryn was lucky. She looked human. Chiana faked it well enough, but for the others it was afternoons watching the television and eating cop porn.

“There you are,” John said as he sank down onto the floor besides her. The back of his knuckles brushed against hers, making Aeryn resist the urge to entwine her fingers with his. “Rygel has decided that he’s the expert on human civilization now. He is demanding his chance to talk to the President.”

“Oh that would go over well,” she said with a laugh. “I can see it now. Rygel in front of your leaders, who are all now speaking with high pitched voices because he’s farted up a storm, while he tells them the Dominar’s way to glory.”

“That’s about it.” John rolled over onto his side, tucking a lock of her ebony hair behind her ear. “So what are you doing in here?”

“Trying to figure out where we are.”

“You’re in my little sister’s former bedroom. My dad keeps it like this so the grandkids can stay here.” John followed her gaze to look up at the stars. “Oh. You won’t be able to find anything there Aeryn. Dad just stuck those up there. It used to drive me nuts that he didn’t do at least a single constellation right not even the Big Dipper. Are you homesick?”

“Home never had a fixed sky for me, Crichton. I’ve always lived on one space ship or another. It is rather strange to look up into the same sky every night.” She turned to face him and smiled. “Are you happy to be home?”

“Yeah, it’s nice. But I think I miss bein’ on Moya too. It’s kind of boring down here.”

Three for One - Aeryn Sun

Character: Aeryn Sun
Fandom: Farscape
Rating: G
Word Count: 423
Prompt: Boots in the sand for a_muse_meme
Setting: Before Farscape. Aeryn is serving on Crais' Command Carrier

Three for One

Her dark eyes were protected behind the heavy shield of her helmet from the near blinding sun. Aeryn was thankful for that, but her Peacekeepers’ uniform was anything but helpful as the heat started to bake through her flesh. The fear of the Living Death was praying on her mind distracting her from finding their prey.

Besides her, a pair of fellow Peacekeepers paced. If they were nervous, they hid it well, not that they could see each others’ faces through their helmets. Their Prowlers were several metra behind them tucked into a ravine where the only shade could be found.

“It went this way.” Aeryn crouched down, checking the tracks their target had left in the shifting sands. Three long toes ending in sharp claws had dug long furrows in its rush to escape.

“Where can it be hiding?” Officer Dian asked as she flipped up her own eyeshield to gaze around the horizon. “This place is flatter than the deck on the Command Carrier.”

“And hotter than Hezmana.” Garius said. The third of their squadron was the youngest of them. Aeryn could hear clearly hear the nervousness in his voice. That would have to be drilled out of him if he was going to make it through the ranks.

“Enough talk,” Aeryn said, drawing her pulse pistol. “We’ll bring that frelling thing back to the carrier if we have to drag it back in pieces.”

“One piece for each of our prowlers,” Garius said with a laugh. “I want his head.”

“I still don’t understand how it slipped its Control Collar.” Dian shrugged as she followed Aeryn’s gaze.

“There,” Aeryn grinned. “I saw something dark moving over there. Spread out.”

Aeryn moved directly for the escaped slave, knowing that her team would do as she’d told them to surround it. Her breath was loud as it echoed in her ears. A trickle of sweat ran down her neck. Bitterness caught in her throat that Crais was more than willing to sacrifice a trio of pilots and Prowlers to capture his pet.

A roar broke through the sound of their boots on the sand. All three fired in unison, catching the creature in a borage of fire. When they are done only a few smoking sections remained. Aeryn toed through the scorched flesh until she found the broach that Crais had pinned to the creature’s robes. “This will have to do for identification for now. If he wants this mess, he can send a crew down to get it. Let’s go home.”